Solicit and Manage Free Publicity & Phone Interviews
  • Partner with local media outlets (radio, newspaper, magazine, web); CMA removes any and all media responsibilities from your artists/manager’s plate.
  • Screen all media opportunities; CMA won’t waste your artist’s time on ineffective interviews.
  • Coordinate, confirm and communicate interview details to key media staffers; CMA will keep you in the loop.
  • Ensure effective, successful advertising by tracking all details pertaining to interviews; CMA makes sure each mission is accomplished.

Manage and Distribute Press Materials

  • Strategically manage all time sensitive deliverables; CMA honor’s the shelf life of each opportunity.
  • Send physical / electronic press materials, CD's, show details, etc. to appropriate media outlets prior to all shows;  CMA makes certain media prep is in the pocket.
  • Coordinate comp tickets and schedule photo ops for all shows. CMA supports all VIP’s.

Protect Time and Reputation of Clients

  • Carefully and diligently work to help interviewers and artists respect each others' time; CMA acts as your intermediary.
  • Manages and communicates all promotion details; CMA allows your artists/ managers time to focus on the goals of each tour.

CMA is committed to providing clients with unmatched detail-oriented service, peace of mind, and the freedom to focus on their strengths.

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