Carol Anderson is tenacious yet gracious… and that combination is what makes her excellent. She won't give up on an opportunity, won't give up on making a connection, won't give up on a flaky artist either… all the while with kindness and poise. She is a professional with contacts and local knowledge that can't be beat, and deep trust with my biggest artists. When it comes to tour press, we always want Carol on our team.

JIM HOUSER, CREATIVE TRUST(Steven Curtis Chapman and Brandon Heath)

I’ve worked with Carol for a number of years in many different capacities, such as tour account, road manager, and artist manager. We’ve worked with her for numerous MercyMe and Audio Adrenaline tours and she is always able to garner impressive media coverage. She’s a great asset to any tour. We love her enthusiasm and responsiveness and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Scott Brickell, Brickhouse Management


Carol has an outstanding track record of delivering music artists for interviews and providing tour information. She is a valuable resource, and I'm always pleased to see her name in connection with our coverage plans.

-Terry DeBoer, Grand Rapids Press/

I've managed the same station (KHLL) for 17 years, so I've seen folks come and go. I've also seen 1/2 way jobs self centered, self serving people in our industry. Carol Anderson is one of the most consistent, thorough, self-less persons I have been associated with. When she books time for her artists, you can bank on it, they will be there when she says they will be there.

-Rick Godley, KHLL Radio/

Carol Anderson of CMA Media Promotions has provided excellent help to my writers over the years. She took the time early on to find out what we need in publicity materials, and has always responded to requests in a very timely fashion. She's arranged interviews for various writers who have worked for me, and always checks to make sure we have all we need. This all may sound very simple, but I can attest that having worked with publicists in the music industry for 13 years, her level of responsiveness and helpfulness is the exception, not the rule.

-Kevin Kilbane, Features editor, The News-Sentinel

I've worked with Carol for the past 5 years and she is a joy to work with! She makes scheduling artist interviews easy. She always goes above and beyond to remind us of the interviews to make sure our station and the artist get the best interview possible! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a tour publicist! I will say our job would be so much easier if everyone hired you to deal with their tours!

-Colleen Larkins, Spirit FM Radio

Carol has always been efficient and professional when helping me secure interviews for an upcoming show. She keeps me well informed and is a pleasure to work with!"

-Morgan Smith, KFIS The fish Radio KFIS 104.1 - The Fish, Salem Communications

Carol Anderson is one of the best connected PR pros in the industry. She is able to make connections between artists and media unlike anyone else I know. Once interviews are set up, she double and triple reminds all of the parties of their commitments to make sure the connections happen. As a DJ, she makes my life so much easier and has brought some amazing artists to our show to feature their events. Definitely a win-win partnership.

-Jenn Czelada, with Smile FM , Smile FM Radio Network

I've worked with Carol Anderson for the past 17 years and have found her to be a tremendous asset in arranging interviews with Christian artists as they come through the Topeka and Kansas City area. Carol always provides plenty of advance notice for events, sends packets of press materials, then arranges the time for the interviews. She also is meticulous in sending reminders the day before interviews and also is available to do any trouble-shooting that sometimes is necessary. I also find the artists she lines up to be very punctual, cooperative and willing to be interviewed. Carol is a friend and I would recommend her services highly to those needing help in promoting their product.

-Phil Anderson, Staff Writer, The Topeka Capital-Journal

Carol Anderson is every journalist's dream source. She's always professional and extremely kind-hearted - the best of both worlds. I've yet to encounter another source, in the music field or any other field, who is as punctual and is as much a team player as Carol Anderson. Not only does Carol provide you with the most thorough press kits you'll ever see, she'll include the latest CDs of those artists and always works diligently to schedule media phone interviews with the artists. Carol also is extremely accommodating when it comes to review-ticket and photo-pass requests. Thanks to Carol, access to some of the biggest names in music, for us in the media, is simply a single, simple phone call or email away. Not only would the professional realm be a better place if more sources were like Carol Anderson, but we'd also be living in a better world, too.

-Scott Smith, Southwest Times ,

Carol is a dream to work with. She always goes above and beyond to work with our schedule. I appreciate her attention to detail.-

-Tami Rumfelt, with WBFJ Radio, Your Family Station-WBFJ

Of all the tour publicists with whom I've worked in nearly 30 years in the newspaper business, Carol stands out. She is organized and efficient -- she comes to ME rather than the other way around. She anticipates my requests and gets interviews set up in a timely manner, along with providing all supporting materials I need. She's the bomb!

-Monica Orosz, with Charleston Daily Mail ,

I have always appreciated Carol's attention to detail and her ability to keep so many schedules organized. She has made the communication between artist and radio very smooth.

-Ronnie Bruce, with WDJC ,

I've never seen someone follow up with such persistence and keep artists and air-talent in the loop and reminded of appointments like Carol. It's almost like someone told her I had A.D.D. in advance.

With the music industry and music events growing rapidly, the challenges of connecting media to the artists for interviews and promotion have grown as well. Carol Anderson and CMA Media Promotions help bridge that gap in a very efficient and professional manner. We utilize CMA Media Promotions as much as we possibly can an highly recommend them to media or other outlets seeking to connect with events and artists.

-Ginger Beggs, Host/ProducerThe Overdrive 91.1FM KGPF

Carol Anderson is by far the best publicist I've ever come in contact with. Simply put, if there's a tour or an artist coming through town and her company is handling the publicity, I know I'll be able to get an interview and story done. She's given me access to some of Christian music's most recognizable names as well as up-and-coming musicians.

-Brian Rose, Burlington Times News

I have worked with Carol Anderson for most of my career with Goforth Media Inc. Dec. will mark my 20th year as Development and Marketing Dir for the 4 station we operate (soon to be 5). Carol works with me in getting the odd ball times need to catch a DJ with a few minutes to do interviews. Carol is very good at setting up and providing bio's on the artist, author & speakers so out Staff know who they are speaking with...It's makes for a better interview.

-Charlie Smith, Goforth Media Inc. WBHY FM 88.5

Carol is so great to work with. Exemplary communication and customer service. She keeps you well informed and persistently works to meet your needs.

-Jeff HoweYes FM Radio

The basics seem so simple: Up-to-date publicity materials provided in a timely manner. Interviews that happen when they’re supposed to. Good photos readily available. It’s amazing how many people don’t get it. Carol Anderson gets it.

-Lawrence Specker Al Press Register

Working with Carol has been a breeze. She reponds to interview requests promptly and with great detail. I never worry about missing an interview when Carol is on the case!

-Heath Butler,
Operations Manager/Afternoon Drive

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